Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What He Wants

And I'm faced with a daily challenge. To do good or bad. I usually do bad.

God knows I can do bad. He also knows I can do good...that's yet to be proven, at least in my view. I run into situations daily, hourly even, where I could do good. Usually, though, I've before hand chosen to mix my thoughts with alchohol or drugs...and I am of the opionion that those things distort my opinion. Sometimes there are exceptions. But not usually.

If I were a more faithful servent, I could answer questions better. I could DO better. But I guess that's what God's all about...not our acts but our willingness to belive.

Why does this sound like a New Age "Christian" wrote this....??

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  1. I don't think it sounds like a "new age Christian" but more like you lost your groove midway through the post. You're worried that you don't measure up to your salvation- Not measuring up is the whole point of salvation. We don't have the answers. We don't have the wisdom or the goodness or the strength to understand. Don't give up. Trust in Him, Jesus, and you will be saved. That's it. I don't "get it" yet either. Some day we will. Regardless though, He is in control- not your majesty :)

    Nothing related, I'm sure (not sure why I'm including this in the post because I honestly have no idea how it relates), but first on igoogle's "Useless Knowledge":
    "Never squash a wasp that has stung you. Upon being crushed, it will release a chemical that becomes airborne; this signals guard wasps to come and sting whatever gets in their way."