Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Don't Mix Holy Water & Spite

"I love the church now, and it scares me. I still listen to and seek out recordings of the preacher Carlton Pearson. I am a lover of gospel music until the day I die. But to be honest, when friends invite me to church, I usually find an excuse not to go because I’m afraid that someone behind the pulpit will at any moment attempt to erase or degrade my existence as a gay man. It’s not a comfortable feeling, not a feeling with which to enter a house of worship."  -Facebook post from one of my friends

Fellow Christians. Friends. I'm calling you out...

Where are you on the gay issue? If you're like me then you consider it a sin, just as God said in the Bible.


Where are you on the greed issue? If you're like me you consider that a sin too.

 The theft issue? The sober issue? Oh and what about the vanity issue?  The list goes on.

"For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;"(Romans 3:23 KJV)

Keyword: "all"...
Sin is sin. Why is it that we Christians feel compelled (or "obligated") to ferrett out which sin behaviors to persecute? Yes, persecute.

I am saddened by any Christian mindset that sets some tier-based system on which to classify type of sin. Yeah, your vanity is just as sinful as Jake's homosexuality. Sin is sin.

I am a Christian- the Lord saved me and He did not judge me according to my sin- His forgiveness saved me. His acceptance of ME, of even my unrighteousness, is what saved me- He loves me and ACCEPTS me despite my own sin. I imagine the same goes for you, fellow Christian?

Concerns with our current M.O.- why are we persecuting particular sin(s)? Have we hand-picked those sins that we deem unacceptable against those that God forgives?

God forgives all sin. He also asks us to accept one another and not to judge- because that is His job. Remember?

Let's get off of our proverbial (definition #2 in Mirium Webster) high-horse, fellow Christians, and go back to basics. Basics being the reliance on the LORD's influence and control. If you believe in Him then believe on Him.

Sin=Sin ...no matter what form it takes. God knows each of us. He is in control. God is not a politician and politicians are not Gods. Nor are our "laws" necessarily God's laws. We might want to leave Judgement up to the Master- let's let God handle His own.

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