Friday, March 16, 2012

Stuff they don't say

What feels right what feels wronng
Everything but me stuck on the throne
of the people that exist
love, high, nothing-ness
Evil-- which is IT
sounds like politics
occupy don't mean shit
not what i mean
there's something in between
don't you see it?
don't you feel it?
you used to
if you didn't
i'm sad for you
people may be people
but what do the believe
and of whom do they decieve
they deceive
themselves and you and me
but not you know Who
the One we can't talk about
without feeling personified
but we like being people
and being objectified
See me? I see you too.
You see me feeling guilty
I see you too
We're not that different
not at all
Investigate my principles
I'll investigate  yours too
because we're not different
We are the same
Will you help me?"
with that grim look upon  your face
sure i will
come with me
we are the same
But you refuse to be saved
I used to too
Please Good Lord, bring you to faith
Help Him help you
help me help me
help me
help You, Dear Lord
please change this old fractured heart
's of ours
Thank You for saving me
when no one else could

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